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  • China Abrasives I&E Cor

    Company Description

    China Abrasives I&E Corporation is the national largest corporation that dealing with abrasives and abrasive products in China. China Abrasives I&E Cor business focuses on a great variety of abrasives, super hard materials and its products, i.e. Artificial Corundum, Silicon Carbide, Synthetic Diamond, and Cubic Boron Nitride etc. We would offer you high qulity products with the most competitive price. Any question, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

    Company Information

    • Contact Person:Hank
    • Job Title:Business Manager
    • Telephone:
    • City:Hena
    • Business Type:Manufacturer
    • Year Established:1981
    • Total Revenue:More than 100,000,000
    • Main Products:Abrasives,Refractory,Chromite,SIC,Silicon Carbide
    • Address:No.183,West Zhongyuan Road Zhengzhou, Hena
    • Location:No.183,West Zhongyuan Road Zhengzhou, Hena
    • Website:Visit website


    • Sell USA chromite excellent for investment casting
    Countries   China   India   Indonesia   Malaysia   Pakistan   Turkey   United Kingdom   United States   All Countries