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  • Dongguan Lam Fung Metal Co.,Ltd

    Company Description

    Dongguan Lam Fung Metal Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is engaged in the R&D and manufacture of high poDongguan Lam Fung Metal Co.,Ltdr LED lighting. With the market-oriented policy, our professional engineers always stay at the forefront of LED technology, and have successfully developed a lot of high-tech products. We get great reputation in domestic and overseas markets. Our main products are as follows:

    LED Spotlights
    LED Globe Bulbs
    LED Dimmable Lights
    LED Downlights
    LED Tubes
    LED Par Lights
    LED Panel Light
    LED Ceiling Lights

    Lam Fung provides reliable quality products, competitive price, prompt delivery and best service which are identified by our customers all over the world. No best, only better! Lam Fung will insist on providing good service and high quality & more innovative lighting products to meet customer satisfaction.

    Lam Fung lighting will illuminate the future. Let's protect our environment together!

    Company Information


    • SMD Dimmable G9 LED 3W 230V Light 360 Degree (LF-G903W)
    • 100LM Cree 12V 1.5W G4 LED Spotlight
    • SMD Dimmable Candle Bulb E14 5W Lamp
    Countries   China   India   Indonesia   Malaysia   Pakistan   Turkey   United Kingdom   United States   All Countries