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  • HongQi Trading Company

    Company Description

    HongQi Trading Company established in Guangzhou,China specialized in total LED lighting solution. HongQi Trading Company have a wide range of products such as LED tube, LED modules, LED bulbs, LED wallwasher, LED ground, LED downlights, LED PAR lights, LED color strips and other LED light products which are widely used in indoor decoration, outdoor decoration, architectural lighting and commercial lighting.

    Company Information

    • Contact Person:zhang xi
    • Job Title:Business Manager
    • Telephone:
    • City:Guangdong
    • Business Type:Trading Company
    • Year Established:2015
    • Total Revenue:USD 100,000 - 500,000
    • Main Products:LED
    • Address:蘿崗區開創大道北保利林語山莊 Guangzhou, Guangdong
    • Location:蘿崗區開創大道北保利林語山莊 Guangzhou, Guangdong
    • Website:Visit website
    Countries   China   India   Indonesia   Malaysia   Pakistan   Turkey   United Kingdom   United States   All Countries